Deko International

Deko International, a St. Louis, MO based importer needed to purchase a warehouse building for its Northeast distribution center.  “We rented public warehouse space close to the port of Elizabeth for years, and it was time to purchase a building of our own,” stated Peter Guo, president of Deko International.  NAI put its network in action when John Sheahan of NAI Desco in St. Louis contacted NAI James E. Hanson to help Deko Intl. purchase a building. 

After several months of searching, NAI found the perfect location in Clifton, NJ.  A 30,800 square foot building with high ceilings, a large truck courtyard and a located that was by rail, made the building a perfect fit for Deko’s needs.  Mr. Guo added “Being in St. Louis, I had to rely on NAI and its network, more specifically NAI James E. Hanson and their local knowledge, to provide me with good options, and they came through with flying colors.