"NAI's service to the client has been exemplified by their long-term commitment to relationships. I always feel that I'm their only client. If you are not utilizing NAI and their comprehensive services you do not know what you are missing."

Brian Winkler
Real Estate Manager

“NAI James E. Hanson was able to meet our needs and find the perfect location for us,”

Arthur Aranda
Garden State Mortgage

"When NAI James E. Hanson, Inc. is working a deal with you, you truly believe that they have your best interests at heart. They have always been willing to go above and beyond what is traditionally expected from a broker. Hanson is a true representation of the type of services corporations can expect from NAI. We appreciate the focus and attention the NAI team provided. A job well done!"

Carolyn Hallanger, Esq.
Senior Lease Analyst
Kelly Services

"With the dynamic growth curve that Regulus has experienced, we relied upon NAI James E. Hanson, Inc. to become our in-house real estate department.

We grew from $1 million in gross revenue to $200 million without the need for a real estate department."

Lester E. Stockel
Chairman & CEO
Regulus Group

“No one expected the quantity of excellent opportunities you have continually brought to the table for us, and you have certainly earned the respect of our Organization.”

Gary Lippert, CLS, CPA
Vice President,
Wells Fargo